Day trip to Cape May


Sometimes a random Saturday in summer calls for a day trip to the beach, and while Washington DC is not exactly near or within easy driving distance to a beach, an Airplane can always get you a little further and a little faster than a car can.

Chad, Ryan, and I decided to leave DC around 8:00 am as to get in the air around 9:20 am, and to Cape May just before 10:30.

Flight there

Hot Day touch and go landings at Manassas

Last week I forgot my wallet out at the airport when I got back from the trip to Nashville, so I used Saturday afternoon to make the trek out to Manassas Airport to pick it up. Since there is no reason to drive all the way out the the Airport without flying just a little, I made the most of it, and used the opportunity to do some crosswind landings, which is something that every recreational pilot can always practice. 

How to safely fry a turkey without burning down your house

The past year has been a great year for The Daily Caller, and this Thanksgiving our staff has many things to be thankful for, including President Barack Obama, Jay Carney,, Mitch McConnell, turtles, Fred Upton, Kate Upton and horses.

We decided to have a small Thanksgiving pregame celebration at the office on Tuesday. But since we don’t have an oven at the office, we want nothing but the best for our staff, and we tend to like activities that could end in disaster, preparing a juicy and delicious fried turkey on a downtown D.C. sidewalk was the only way to go.